FCC Personal Portfolio: How to start?

Creating a whole web page for a portfolio seems a lot more daunting than a tribute page. I’ve been having trouble on how to start.

If I wanted to try to do this without Bootstrap is there a resource I could use for the programming aspect? I want to be capable without Bootstrap and also don’t want all the pages I make to look so same-y. Are there resources also on how to design a portfolio page? Even if I code it myself, making it just look like another template seems counter-intuitive.

Start with something simple - similar to your tribute page. Choose one feature at a time and work on adding that.

Well if you look at the example what do you need for this project ? You need a navigation bar with menu items that take you to different place of the page, you need 3 blocks on the page for infos, portfolio and contact form that needs to be styled. and you can add a footer as well. You don’t need to use bootstrap but at this point bootstrap can be very useful just for it’s grid system and image class. You can style every class from bootstrap within your own stylesheet so it wont look same-y. Of course it’s completely doable without boostrap if you don’t want to. What i would start by doing is creating the navbar and putting my items in there, then use or create a container div and create my 3 blocks with unique ids withing the container then i would start styling everything and add content. Pseudo-classes are very useful for this project