FCC:Product landing page

This is my product landing page about cactus!

I need some advice… thank you! :slight_smile:


It’s pretty good!

I would consider playing with a max-width for the body or center the elements, because as is, it can be a bit inelegant at high resolutions (2560px wide on a 32"here), there’s a big gap between the video and the div that has the class “feature”. Likewise, your fields for the name/email/message are almost as wide as the body, maybe it would look better if you cap these?

The last thing I’d do, is to make sure that all pictures have the same size.

Good luck

@eleonoralbasi Nice webpage! I love the pictures.
I think the only thing you need to do now is adjust the layout. There are items overlapping, items that need spacing, and going off the page. I have taken screenshots of the areas that need work. This is only my opinion.

You can add spacing between the grey div and the content above.

You can add padding or margin below the button.

Stop the input fields from going off the page.

Stop the video from going underneath the navigation.

Another tip is to get rid of the lorem ipsum text so the page will look more professional. I am sure you can easily come up with some text that will fit well with the theme.

Great job on your page!