Feedback on my version of Product Landing Page

Hello everyone
this is my product landing page and i will really appreciate your feedback on it

thank in advance

Hi @radwasayed

Looks good :slight_smile: , but the image looks in different shapes, i want to suggest something to add,

min-width: 250px;  // scale it from 250px, not below that
max-width: 350px;  // scale it upto 350px, not more than that
width: 100%;  // fills the entire 350px mentioned in max-width

min-height, max-height and height also works like this

Add these to the .card and,
Also add min-height and max-height properties to the .card,
Do these same for .box-content ,but for this add the height to 100%
Give your img a 100% width and height.

Also, give your video a 100% width to avoid the horizontal scroll-bar.

Good Luck.!

hello @Sujith3021
thank you for your feedback .
i did as you suggest it and i hope the project looks fine now
thanks again