Review for Product Landing Page Project

Hey guys, just completed my product landing page project, i would like to get feedback on this.

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Great job. I would put more padding around the page and between sections. Also, There should be a callout section with a heading such as “Buy our products!”. I would also put the contact section on the bottom, as in terms of User Experience, people expect it on the bottom. Good work!

Thanks @b3u, for the feedback. I would implement said corrections.

I would take a look at the image carousel you have. You really shouldn’t be stretching the image in-proportionately. You have the width set to 100% but you have the height set at a firm 400px.
For me that meant when i first opened your page the picture of the phone made it look like a little scare thing instead the more elongated rectangle the phone actually is.

Just a suggestion.

  • Nao

Hi @NaoG, thanks for the feedback.
What values would you suggest i set for the width and height value.