Feedback & suggestions for my product landing page

Hello everyone. I’ve just completed the first draft of my product landing page and I would like to hear some feedback from you :slight_smile:

I believe that the pricing section needs some improvements, as I had some problems with the alignment of the list items. Also the colours inside the circle don’t convince me.

I’d like to add some sort of hamburger menu when the screen resizes and I would like some suggestions on how to implement that as well. Also, any further suggestion is as always welcomed!

Here’s the project:

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Nice, but i think it is for desktop browser

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Thank you! Do you have any suggestions for improvement?

The subheading would look better if centered in mobile view. Nice looking design though.

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Good work!

I recommend making the main content a bit smaller when viewing on mobile as it is currently quite overpowering.

I like the pricing section but be careful of using black font on a (partial) dark blue background as it makes it more difficult to read.

In terms of a hamburger menu, I suggest using Bootstrap as you can basically get a pre built one and tweak the headings/options to your needs. You can find it easily in the Bootstrap documentation

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Thank you @hepsy and @ozmos for your feedback. Much appreciated!

Not bad. Is made with boostrap? I think the index page font-size need a bit bolder and a bit smaller.