FCC Site Curriculum Part Down for Maintenance?

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the curriculum part of the website as well? Unable to access it at all at my end !

What part of the curriculum are you trying to access? I dont have an issue with the lesson I’m on, but if you tell me where you’re at I can check and see if I can get to it.

  • Nao

Object Oriented Programming. It was working for a min back there and now stopped again!

Sorry, i think the issue might be on your end. I was able to get into the Object Oriented Programming. I even went into about three or four of the different challenges and they all loaded just fine.

Sorry again.

  • Nao

You haven’t had any part of the curriculum down at all in the last hour ?

I’ve been having problems today with the site being on and offline. I’m currently working through the React Redux lessons.

Sorry I’m not much help I am working on building the tribute page challenge, so I just stay on that one page. and I keep the forum open.

I didnt see any problems when I tried to go to where you were at @Romibabe, but that was just in and out.

Sorry i couldn’t be more help.

I hope it starts working better for you all soon.

  • Nao

Thank you so much for checking though ! Good luck with that tribute page… I had fun building mine :slight_smile:

Thanks. LOL. Its actually my third tribute page I’ve built.

Everytime i take some time away and i come back the curriculum has been updated a little bit so I decide for the projects to do new ones. You know to keep improving.
Though, to be fair, this time I am just redoing my previous one, so with all the same info just different structure and design.

Good luck with the FCC website and your journey too!

  • Nao