Recently get back to FCC after 2 years of halting

Hi everybody, why can’t i access my course curriculum after successfully logging back from 2years of halting, everytime i click the curriculum to continue i get redirected back to the very first lessons in html i already completed 2 years ago and the sign in button is showing up.

FCC has just recently updated the site and curriculum and it seems most “progress” was lost (my completed projects are still ‘checked’). It seems most of the curriculum is still there plus more, it’s just laid out differently and subdivided more. If you click around you might find what you’re looking for. If this doesn’t help there are a few conversations currently going on in the forums about exactly this that might help more…

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There is a glitch with the very first lesson. It doesn’t get marked as completed. Just use the curriculum map to jump to the challenge you’re interested in. Honestly, if it’s been 2 years you probably want to redo a lot of the challenges you did before.

@MarcelPenn No progress was lost. All solved challenges are still associated with everyone’s account.


@ArielLeslie Hey thanks for the info, I keep learning html/css/javascript during those 2 years so going back to the first lessons is time consuming as i am more focus on reaching the react, mongodb lessons before July comes.,

How do i use the curriculum map as i am trap in an infinite loop between the welcome page and the first lesson… Every time i clicke the sign in button it redirects me back to the welcome page that my name is already on it, meaning i’m already login then when i clicked the view curriculum it redirect me to the first lesson where the sign in button is showing up

Clicking the curriculum button should give you a list of the challenges (in collapsed sections). Click the challenge you’re interested in. The very first challenge has a glitch right now, so skip that one.

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