My entire curriculum progress is gone

What’s going on?

I sign in and there is some summary of where I was, but when I go to curriculum it takes me back to the very beginning.

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Your progress is not gone.
There is a glitch with the very first challenge. It doesn’t get marked as complete so you end up there when FCC tries to take you to your first new challenge. I know it’s a little annoying, but for now you can use the curriculum page to go directly to the challenge you want to be on.

That sounds good, but I’m way past my first challenge. I copied my account and the progress I had done. There are a bunch of items that I had meticulously completed that are now unchecked. I just finished my Random quote generator challenge and was going to post it when I got sent back to the very beginning of the course curriculum.

A lot of challenges got added to the beginning of the curriculum, and not all in solid chunks. It is completely optional whether you want to go back and do them. They certainly wouldn’t interfere with submitting your Random Quote Machine.

You don’t seem to get it, or I am missing something. I don’t mind going back and re-doing the items in the sequence that are now nor marked as completed, but before they were all numbered, and I could go to the numbered item. Now I am sent back to the very beginning - like number 1, when I was at 254. What in the world happened? Yes, I guess I could jump in at any point, but that really doesn’t make much sense. Isn’t there any order and organization to the sequence? Whenever I came back to continue, I would be taken to the number I had left off on. If I had done 250, I would log in and be taken directly to the next one - 251, and so on. That is all gone. To get to 254 I have to start at #1 and do all 250 again. How did all that get cleared out? My account settings page with my # accurately says the number I had completed and where I was at, but the information has been wiped.

So I submit my completed Random Quote Machine. Will I then continue from that point, or will I still have to go back to #1? OK, I’ll try and see what happens. There is no number any more, like there always used to be. I’m sorry if I’m panicking. I put a lot of work and research into this.

I just went to my settings page. I clicked on “show me my public portfolio.” On my timeline thee are items that have a button that reads “View Solution.” For example, one of them is “Palindrome Checker.” When I click the button, I get a 404 error and “Oops, we couldn’t find that page” with a button to send me back to the “Map” page.

I’m now going back and re-doing the items that reverted to not being completed. They were completed before. I was meticulous about that and checking regularly.

Ok. A few things going on here. I still hope that I can put your mind at ease.

  • The challenges weren’t actually numbered. The number you saw on the screen was your total brownie points. (Mine was three-thousand something, not matter what lesson I was looking at and there aren’t that many lessons yet.) Now that number is only shown on your portfolio page.
  • Now to the fact that you’re getting sent to the first challenge. Let’s break that down to pieces.
    • The link on your welcome screen that takes you to your “next” challenge is set up to take you to the earliest unsolved lesson in the curriculum.
    • There is a bug right now that prevents some of the challenges, including the very first one, from getting marked as solved.
    • The (temporary) result of that is that for everyone, the first “unsolved” lesson is lesson #1
  • Some good news now. When you go to a lesson, that lesson is saved to your browser’s storage. Go to any challenge. Then go to (not Then click the “Go to the coding curriculum” button. It should take you back to that same lesson. If it doesn’t then there is something preventing FCC from saving to your browser’s storage. It could be your browser version or a privacy setting or extension that you’re using.