FCC - Survey form. Any feedback appreciated

Hi there,

Any feedback on my survey form will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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nice survey form!
Responsiveness is good, fields and submit button work, and I like the picture background you used. I only had one problem which is the visibility of the orange font. I can’t really read it against the background colors. You may need to pick a thicker font (or change the font style to be thicker in the css if possible)
Also one design concern: The orange header for the survey was a bit out of place because the hotel picture is so nice but the orange header is a bit like a band-aid sticker. (doesn’t go with your theme)
Otherwise, really good!

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Thanks for your suggestions. I had the same doubts about the orange font color and the title.
Hope i’ll have some inspired ideas and change them.

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Hello Sorin,

Very good work, perfect.

I would just inform you about some small issues you may consider.

First fix the missed label for the age input.

Also fix the missed/broken label for radio buttons.

You also missed placeholder for the textarea, please add.

One issue about the designing, is about the foreground colour, and background colour on your page. Just consider if your background image won’t load, then since the background colour is white, the text come with white colour(or very bright) won’t be readable.
One good practice is setting background color for elements come with background image, in case if the image background failed to load, so content will be readable enough.

I suggest you add a background colour for the submit button.

Overall looks good Sorin, very good.

Keep going on great work, happy coding.

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Thank you for your pertinent observations. I missed to add a fallback bg color in case img is not loading.

I really like the design of your page. This is the project that I am working on right now and I needed some inspiration for how to design it. I liked the simple, clean look of your page.

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