FCC: Survey Form with a grid

Hi everyone,

I tried to make the survey form with the help of a grid, but the <form> tag in
combination with the grid is messing with my head :sweat_smile:. 

Either I get all parts that should be within the form inside of the tag, 
but the submit button is positioned wrongly (too much to the right), 
OR I succeed to position the submit button in the center where I want it to be, 
but the submit button feature ends up outside of the <form> according to the test 
(that's how the code looks like right now btw):

I'm thankful for any help at all :slight_smile: 

Thanks in advance!

Best regards
  • Change the .container div to a form element and remove the form you have inside the .right div.

  • Would have suggested stacking the form on smaller screen sizes but because of how you made the HTML using left/right containers it is a bit hard to do.

  • Iā€™d remove the width: 20% on the #dropdown

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Thanks for your reply. It helped a lot! I didn't even think that one could change a <div> to a <form>, it's not easy being a n00b. Regarding stacking the form for smaller screen sizes, I have no clue how to even begin, since I haven't been able to link the left and the right side to each other. 

Best regards