FCC - Technical Documentation Page - Feedback Appreciated!

Hi fellow FFC’ers,

I have completed the technical documentation page for the responsive webdesign curriculum, here. Feedback on this would be appreciated!

I think I managed to get it close in functionality to the example. However, I wasn’t sure about the separate navbar scroll that the example page has on smaller screens. Is that something you would be able to apply in CSS?



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Looks very good.

This kind of layout (a fixed navigation at the left and content view at right) is so common for references, for example considering this link (click on table of content too see the index panel).

If you could able user to hide/show the page content(left panel) could be awesome. It allows the user to read the article in more easy and wider panel.

It really looks very good on mobile, well done.

Another good stuffs you may add could be following:

  • Add one inline link at top of each section to allow user jump to top.
  • Able user to click on a section title, and grab the link with internal link.

Overall looks very good! well done.

Keep going on great work, happy programming

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Many apologies for the tardiness of my response. I moved onto other things for a while and neglected to come back to the request I posted. I don’t like leaving people hanging when they’ve taken the time to help!

Thank you for the feedback and kind words. I will implement the improvements you have suggested.

The page is nice and responsive. I would only take a look in here regarding the use of scroll-behavior: smooth;.

Otherwise good job. :+1: