Technical Documentation Page is here for review

Hi everybody
Here is my 4th project - Technical Documentation page. It took me 4 days to finish it (too much content for me :roll_eyes: ). Please help me to check the responsiveness and find the bugs. Your feedback is highly appreciated


Excellent job. Responsiveness works very well, the design is well done, and the color palette works nicely together. I also really like the fact that you added the back to content menu button on smaller screen sizes after each section.

There are three things that I noticed (all pretty minor to be honest) that could help improve your site. First, I would add the same hover effect to the back to content menu buttons as you use on the navbar. This may seem slightly counter-intuitive because mobile devices don’t have a hover effect, but the change occurs somewhere above 800px width, which strikes me as a big enough pixel width where it is plausible that a desktop user might view the site in a smaller window.

Second, on mobile size, the text size for the browser support windows becomes very small and difficult to read relative to the rest of the page.

Third, (and this one is definitely minor), on some of the example flexboxes that are red, green, and blue, the numbering is not centered. That is, on desktop the numbers appear slightly below center, and on mobile the numbers appear slightly above center. Other example flexboxes are fine and have the text centered perfectly. For example, compare the example boxes in the Flexbox Elements section (off-centered) and the flex-wrap property section (centered)

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@airathalis thank you so much for your suggestions. I’ve updated 2 things of 3 :

  1. Added :hover pseudo-class for links
  2. Fixed centering in examples (by using flexbox of course :smile:)
    But this browsers table is my headache. I don’t know how to make it responsive without using small font. I’ll think about it tomorrow :tired_face:
    And I’ll be happy if someone shares an idea

Great project, couldn’t find anything to be improved in this one. Keep it up.

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