Critique my responsive Technical Documentation Page

I appreciate any criticism/advice, its a fairly minimalist design and I think its fully responsive but let me know if it isn’t in any way

Hey @FreemanW1, How are you?

Nice one really, I like the colors and the way you structured your tech doc page, also the menu at the top of the page in the mobile view is brilliant.

I have two small improvements:

  • In Mobile View (Chrome) the list menu is not centered but instead it is a bit on the right, is it something wanted?
  • I would increase a bit the size of the code elements in desktop view.

But overall great job really :slight_smile:

Happy Coding :man_technologist:

Hey thanks for the advice, I made the code bigger in desktop view and it looks better. Yeah the list is something I couldn’t really figure out how to center, I tried a couple of things but im new to this so there could easily be something im missing.