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Hello everyone, here’s my latest project. I would like to hear some feedback :slight_smile:

Your project looks good. Nice work.

On the Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Technical Documentation Page you can fork FCC Codepen project and test it automatically.

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Hi @Alessio95,

Looks good. I am a fan of the font choice!

Best regards,


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Looks good on desktop, but I think the navigation at the left is a little large?! It could be half of the current size could work I think.

Also it’s broken for tablet and mobile view. check:

You may move the navigation at the left, to the top when screen goes small. You may use @media queries.

The font you used, are so nice. But I prefer alias/generic fonts as sans, sans-serif, and monospace.

Code snippet section, could have a different background to make it easy read code. same for inline code parts.

I liked the horizontal line you added before any subject, very good. I also suggest you place them after title text, rather before it.

For now I suggest you fix the layout first, it’s very easy. and then go for more styling for code blocks and inline code styling.

Keep goin on great work, happy progamming

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Thank you @NULL_dev ! I applied some of the layout and styling changes and it’s much better now. As for responsiveness, I’ve already used those media queries. This is what i see from my mobile when I select the full page mode:

Thank you @j8ahmed @CallMeFrank !

Good progress.

Looks better now, but seems the media query is called late. becasue of tablet it causes scroll. One reason is becasue of too wide navigation panel at left, or you may let the media query gets triggered for more wider screen. check:

check the horizontal line scroll, it’s bad.

Keep goin on great work, happy programming

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Thank you. The media query now gets triggered when the screen is 750px or less. It should work now :slight_smile: