UPDATED - Feedback technical documentation page

Hey ,
I would like some feedback on my technical documentation page.
Any suggestions for improvement are most welcome!

link: https://codepen.io/ridafatima15h1/pen/RYKber?editors=0100
Thank you!

I have updated my technical documentation page to be more responsive. I would be thankful if you would give some feedback !

new link: https://codepen.io/ridafatima15h1/pen/EemeLP

Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

Good job! It’s pretty flawless to my eyes.

I would only make it more responsive because it’s really hard to navigate in mobile view. Consider using something hamburger menu for your navbar.

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Wow! Its only what i can say. Your css code have 300 lines of code. Only what you need to change is to be responsive page.

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@shimphillip @MiodragP thank you for your feedback! I would update my project with the suggested changes :+1::grinning: