Feedback on documentation page project

Hello everyone, first of all here is my codepen

So I started this project some days ago but I knew I’d probably be bored doing a technical documentation page and I wanted to do something other than the example project FCC provides so I did a “documentation” of a game I’m playing to keep me interested.

I run the test script and I’m at 16/16 but I’d like some feedback, I don’t mind if it’s a negative one, I just want to get better. Other than technical issues you might find about this, I’d like to get some design tips as well if you’re experienced with that kind of stuff. Thank you.

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Everything looks good, two important things (according to me) thought :

  • I think you could enhance the look of the menu a little.
    • A hover effect would definitly help with that
    • Taking out the white lines as well
    • Make the text look normal not bold/as big as that, maybe a bit smaller?
  • Also, you need to work on the responsiveness, the page isn’t useable on Mobile (use your dev tools on Chrome/Firefox, I know they have them)

I am not a design expert but I hope that helps ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I am still trying to find a nice effect for the menu on the side, in general the menu seems bad to me design-wise and I wanted a way to “separate” the buttons so I added the lines but it still looks ugly :sweat_smile:

I agree I have to work on the responsiveness on smaller screens.

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