FCC - Technical Page project

I just want to share what I’ve done for my technical page project.
Any feedback is great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! looks great for a beginners project. I like the way the whole page is formatted and the dropdown navigation menu. Although a bit of padding and re-alignment could make it look better. I think it’s far better that what I built :slight_smile:

Another thing I observed is the width of <code> element changed in the middle where is says >cd myapplication and couple more. Its inconsistent. I am using chrome by the way, so it could be related to browser. May be have a crack at it.


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Thank you :smile: , I will check it and do some adjustments for the alignments and minimizes the padding. Also, I checked what you did there too, i hope you don’t mind, and I will say that it’s not that it’s not that bad but I can see that you awesomely did great for your technical page too :+1: :white_check_mark:

I checked the <code> tag that you were telling me and I think it’s better for me to change its background-color and minimizes it too because there’s a bit confusion though it’s a different code for the “note” part only which is a different code from the others for the whole part of the article.

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