Feature request: Automatic closing tag

I only see one topic opened before about this, but is there any chance we could have this be a feature request? I’m going through the courses now and it’s very quickly getting old having to manually type in the closing tag for each element when pretty much every standard IDE does it automatically for you. You already have automatic double quotes and braces, so why not this? I understand the very first HTML course not having such a feature, but once you finish that course and move on to CSS and beyond, it would be so much more comfortable if closing tags were inserted automatically. Thanks!

We don’t have any fancy editor features intentionally.

Not sure if it is even technically possible to change the editor options dynamically.

I could see how in later sections it might be acceptable to have some of the editor features re-enabled. In fact, I think it would be pretty cool to use it to teach about the features in the curriculum. Like introducing Emmet, Intellisense, and whatnot.

it’s a shame we can’t do these tasks in VS code somehow via some extension.

Forcing beginners to manually type everything is valuable and I’m pretty sure there is a general agreement on this fact.

The question is for how long it is needed and if it would be possible to slowly introduce editor features as part of the learning process. Which I think would be valuable as well.

Sure, that’s why I said it makes sense for the first course, but once you start with the CSS and JS courses, it just gets annoying.