Fedor Emelianenko tribute page feedback request

Suggestions for improvement greatly appreciated. I’m especially interested in suggestions on how to write efficient and ordered markup and css. I felt like I spent too much time writing stuff I should have specified higher up in the flow/cascade if that makes any sense, also I think I had write the same stuff over and over to style different elements. Should I be making predefined “wrappers” at the top of my sheets to decrease this? I mainly went with flexbox for positioning and I did add a little media query to make it a column for narrow devices. Well, thanks for any tips folks!


You did pretty well here. Your div.flex-container-1 and 2 are the same. So it should probably be div.flex-container-1 the text and images are probably the same layout and styling. They can be done once as well. As long as your HTML structure repeats you can do this.

then this:

.flex-container span, flex-container strong {
  color: red;

I don’t really see much else.

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Thank you much for the feedback friend, ill keep your point about repeating html structure in mind, definitely makes sense.