Feedback Appreciated on my Drum Machine Project

After finishing the FCC Drum Machine project, I was curious, if I would be able to create a “real” drum machine. This is still work in progress, but well here is the result:

What do you think? Any feedback is welcome!



I don’t think I know more than half of the functionalities but it looks pretty awesome.

Keep up the good work!

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This is very good, but i’m a little suspicious with:

Did you already have developer experience before this? Seems a bit good for the FCC curriculum.

Where do you have the kind of time to write 2200+ lines of java script within 11 days? Any developer this good showed have troubles with that because of a full time job…

Thanks for your kind replies @shimphillip, @michaelnicol !

My idea is to take it further, maybe even publishing it as an app, but that’s a long road to go.

This February I started with FCC to refresh my knowledge in web development, I do have some sort of background, but that was mainly CMS installation and adjusting templates, some PHP and just a little JS. I wasn’t really aware of ES6, nor to say frameworks like React, so I went here to broaden my horizon. Thank you FCC!

This project didnt came into life in 11 days (wonder how you did that number?), I worked on it for about 6 weeks, approximatley 1-3h hours a day, which prooves your eleven days somehow :wink:
Most of those 2000 lines are json and in real this project is splitted into several files. Within codepen you can’t replicate a file structure, I tried with a codepen “project”, but that seamed to leave to nowhere, than uploading the production build js file.

Would like to hear, if someone managed to setup a react project on codepen, other than inserting all components?


You posted august 21st
The pen said it was created august 10th

11 days.

Thanks for clarifying though.

Unless you specialize in music or like it, making a app might be too far. Maybe a website if you get the sounds working and just have some ad’s around it, but a app a little more expensive.

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