Feedback for Drum Machine with React & Redux

Hey guys,

I’d really appreciate it if you could take a look at my Drum machine project here ->

It’s pretty good. Some possible improvements:

  1. Why do you need redux? It doesn’t seem to be doing anything useful.
  2. Add a way to loop tracks and toggle them on or off
  3. Add some sort of visual representation of the sounds.

Hey @DouglasDev,

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. I believe, whenever you have to use state, redux is useful. No?

    1. I just wanted to pass the test so, at this time, I won’t add anything else.

No, it’s main use is for managing global state that needs to be passed around between many components. For a simple app like this, it’s not really giving you anything useful.

I would recommend reading:

I see what you mean. I just added redux because I’m working on it lately and I want to learn it better. Anyway, thanks for your feedback and for the references.