Finished the drum machine challenge

Hey guys,

I finally finished the drum machine challenge. I initially built it with React but it was getting really messy so I switched to using React-Redux and it made things much better.

Here it is:

Source code:

I would love to hear your feedback (I was a bit lazy with choosing my own sounds, so I used the same sounds from the example to focus on the programming part :stuck_out_tongue:)!

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Great work!


  • I think Redux is overkill. You have only 4 components, which use Redux.
  • DrumPad.jsx: why do you use state?
  • DrumPad.jsx: I think your comments are redundant and useless, especially because they are in german
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I thought about that too, but before I was using Redux I was passing around props like crazy and it became really confusing for me. Redux helped with that. Might still be overkill though.

Why not? :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a better way to keep track of CSS classes for a component?

Oops, I should have at least translated them, I totally forgot. :blush:

Thanks for the feedback!

Great work buddy… All is well to me

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Thank you very much!