Feedback for Multiple Projects Appreciated

Hi I am working my way through the Responsive Design Projects and have now completed 4 of the five projects. I would love some feedback to see if I can improve them. Thanks.

Note: I am only using HTML and CSS as I have not started learning JavaScript yet so please keep suggestions to those techniques.

Tribute Page -
Survey Form -
Product Landing Page -
Technical Documentation Page -

Tribute page:
your tribute page is very well made i would suggest changing the anchor tag using css to make it fit with the page better

Survey Form:
Very well made, i really like the way the form is aligned and the way it organizes itself when the page is shrunk. that is very impressive. The button is very nice too, it would look better with a slight margin below it

Product Landing Page:
Extremely well designed, i love the name “Heath-E Foods” I think its really creative. The page looks good on small screens but i think some of the elements are too close together like the subscribe button and input field for email address

Technical Documentation Page:
It looks good, the spacing between the elements is great and the page is very informative. Your media query could use some work, when i shrink the webpage your navbar becomes hard to differentiate from the article

Thanks for the responses! I have implemented your suggestions for the survey page and I am currently working on the other two. I do not get what you mean by your suggestion for the tribute page. The way I have styled the anchor tag is to make it highly visible that it is a link. What sort of styling are you suggesting?

I have now finished all of the changes. To differentiate the nav-bar on the Technical-Documentation Page, I gave it a darker background-color of a grey shade.