Feedback on Responsive Web Design Projects

Hi Coders,

I am a newbie to web development. Hope that came out right?:blush:

Please, I have completed the projects on Responsive Web Design. I would really appreciate some feedback on them. I thought it would be nice doing this all at once.
Here are the links to the projects:
Tribute Page
Survey Form
Product Landing Page
Technical Documentation Page
Personal Portfolio Page


there-cutesy-and-very-girly :heart:


In the Survey Form, the top orange bar and the Ford logo don’t work properly upon resizing.



I think the buttons in the footer (Privacy, Terms, Contact) could be better centered.

In the Technical Documentation Page, the buttons don’t work. The texts links you to the section, but the “buttons”, spaces that changes from orange to black, takes you nowhere.

In the Portfolio, it happens the same thing that in the Survey Form, the picture is not responsive.

Hi! I saw your tribute page at codepen, it’s clear and responsive. Congratulations! And don’t forget to pray for me @Exquisite , I am going to start mine.