Feedback for my FCC projects

Hello guys, my name is Dani.

I would like you guys to give me some reviews on how i am doing, if there some stuff i could have done better, tricks and tips, ect.

Just some heads up i didn’t spend much time designing the projects to be 100% mobile responsive, just enough to call it a day.

Here are my pens:

I am designing at this moment the last project of the Responsive Web Design Projects but this some will be really simple so i won’t even post it but i will post my real portfolio site to (just bought it) in the upcoming month :smiley:

Just a fun fact about the name and why i choose my personal page to be called D3 Case, Case is a synonym of Portfolio, and the meaning behind D3 is D by the power of 3 is D * D * D and my full name is Dani Daniel Djaoen :slight_smile: so you see where the D’s fit into .

Anyways thanks in advance guys :+1:

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Hey, here is my feedback (just design-wise and on PC):

Product Landing Page
I like the layout and the website looks good! Maybe choose another color than orange, it doesn’t fit in too well imo.

Survey Form
Looks good too, but the words are a bit hard to read because of the low contrast between font and background.

Technical Documentation Page
I like it. The orange is more fitting on this one (but maybe a bit too strong).

Tribute Page
The tribute page is awesome and I like it the most. Nothing to criticize here! :slight_smile:

Overall: Good job!