Feedback for my javascript calculator

I have really enjoyed this project as it gave me the opportunity to really bring together the HTML, JavaScript, JQuery library, CSS and general algorithm that I have been practicing here in FCC.I also had to have a try on adobe illustration too!
I may now look at ways to improve the codes and learn from other coders in here.
Please leave a feedback; it will be very much appreciated.

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Cool artwork!

I’m really surprised how many people come up with these css-intensive front ends for their projects. FCC really doesn’t emphasize that much, though it seems like they will in their next version, coming up in a couple of weeks.

Wow 3d effect!

I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I can input letter on the textbox with my keyboard.

Thanks @slocodemonkey for the feedback.
Yeah it’s true FCC does not emphasise on css-intensive projects. However, I usually just add some bonuses on the project just for practice.I am not even sure if that is the best approach, but I guess more practice with the tools will improve my programming skills.
Thanks again for the encouragement.

Thanks @kevcomedia for the feedback.

Yeah it’s true, the calculator does not accept digits from keyboard on-loading because the “screen” only receives focus once the “on” button is click.—I guess it’s kind of inconvenient and I will sort that out.It is only fully functional with clicks and thus may not do any meaningful calculations with direct keyboard inputs- may also work on that.

Thanks again for the feedback.