[Feedback] for my product landing page

Hi, I made this simple landing page last year. Was trying to find name on google just to make it look like from a real resto :). I would really appreciate all your feedbacks. Thanks in advance!

codepen source

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Overall I really like it. It’s really close to be a professional website imho. I like the design choices, I like the cover footage, I like the use of color, one primary (yellow) which is also contained in the pictures + black and white. The site is also responsive which is also a plus. But there are things which I believe should be improved.

First of all, “Familia” is latin, in italian we say “Famiglia”, but that’s a minor thing.

Continuing down the page, the Yellow underline really doesn’t go well with that greyish/white background.

The footer is way to big for its content and the anchors have their default colors which really don’t match with the theme that you have so far created. Personally I would have made the whole footer smaller, black, pushing the text to the extremities and coloring it white, if you really wanted to make the anchor tag stand out I would have colored them yellow on hover.

Last but not least is the menu in mobile layout, I would really abandon it and do it again, no borders, black, smaller, taking ~60% of the screen instead of the whole size. (there are of course many other ways, this is the first one which comes to my mind).

These were the “flaws” I found, but as I said the overall work is pretty good, I believe that in half a day you could have a page to put in your portfolio, probably not good enough for complex job positions, but pretty good for freelancing and local businesses.


thanks for your feedback! I’ll definitely follow your suggestions.