Feedback for my Survey form, Cloudy Moose

Hello all!

I have just finished my Form and would love some feedback!

It is a bit basic and a bit garish, I think I have tried too hard to make it different and it has come out like it’s from the 90’s:

any and all is welcome.



You said it. It’s a bit garish!
Try color: #66a2d2; for the text
and background:#210082; for the form bg.

Also, this test is failing :

#description should contain some text : expected 0 to be above 0
AssertionError: #description should contain some text : expected 0 to be above 0

Hi! Looks very similar to mine XD great minds think alike.
Any way, looks good! Maybe getting the text boxes for
email name and age to line up would be nice. having the
gender and most enjoined sections centered is probably also
a good idea. Centering the submit button would be a nice
touch. The page is not mobile responsive in any way but
most surveys are meant to be completed on a pc anyway.
All in all great job!

I’m not a fan of the color scheme. What I would recommend is find a real company. Grab there logo and color scheme. Then make up an unofficial survey form for them.

Here is an example.