Feedback for the Twitch API Project Wanted

Looking for feedback on the Twitch project, please.

Thank you!

Hey there,
I don’t know if it’s just me, but the links load an empty twitch page on my browser :confused: I also get weird messaged in the console, don’t want to bother you with them though, It might just be me :slight_smile:

I like the circled profile images of the channels, your design is simple and concise, something I look for in a webapp :smiley:

From a functionality standpoint (and I really am nitpicking here), perhaps you could add an anchor twitch link to the game a given channel is currently playing.

EDIT: Just found out that if I click on one of your channels (as mentioned before, the page does not load), copy, the URL, open a new tab, and paste in the URL, it seems to work. Weird…

Yeah I can’t figure out why that is happening (white screen) but when I do it from the debug view it works fine:

I think some headers may be passed from codepen when used in the Full or Editor view.

Thank you for your feedback! I like the idea of adding the link to the game currently being played as well. I will do that.

That’s an issue with Twitch itself. When the link is opened from an iframe (which the Codepen editor is), it just won’t load. It’s working in the Debug View because that isn’t in an iframe.

Also, be aware that the Debug View will expire after some time, if I’m not mistaken.

If you want to make it work in the Editor\Full View as well, you might use an URL like this: which will open a full-view player (and not the actual twitch channel) but at least it won’t be an empty page.

I figured it was something like that. Thank you for clearing that up noyb!

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