Twitch's api links never loads the page

Hi! I have a problem with the links in my Twitch page. The links to Twitch open a new tab, the Twitch page is opened , but the page never loads totally. It is not a problem of Twitch because if i write the link in a new tab it works.

The page in code pen:

The errors in the console:

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This is a known issue with CodePen and Twitch. :cry:


So… there’s no fix…:cry:

No, not really. You can host your app on Github Pages, or just not count on the links working. It’s a bummer, but at least it’s not something you did wrong, so you’re not missing out on some critical learning.

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I was just going to ask about this… Good to know! I hope someone finds a fix. :unamused:

I will probably end up moving the project over to Github. :slight_smile: