Feedback from my Technical Documentation Page

Hi there fellow campers!

This is my Technical Documentation Page:

I did it based on HTML info because I couldn’t think in another language or anything else in the moment I did it.
For the info I used, I got it from many places on the web, but mainly from Also, I liked what I saw in terms of design at w3schools for a tech doc and then used the ideas to create my examples and notes boxes. Using the sample project that was provided, I’ve replicated the menu with little differences.

Looking at other technical docs on the web I found beautiful things! But I did like what I’ve made, even knowing that there is room for improvement.

Your considerations?

Tnx for your time!

PS: Forgot to ask about it! Would it be valid for the certification or am I wrong in some aspect here?

This is so cool that I have no words to say!!! :grinning:

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Great job, congratulations!!