Feedback my first project, please!

Can you please give me feedback about my tribute project?
The final result can be seen following this link: :
Thank you so much, have a good day ! :smiley:

Hey @DanylloVerri,

Well done on you project.
It works as expected.

One thing i would suggest is getting the timeline part centered instead of aligning to left on large-screen devices.

Otherwise, good job overall.

All the best.

Thank you so much for the suggest, i apreciate that ! :smiley:

Looks really good! But looking at the code, you’ll want to start putting your css in the separate file, will make it easier when you’re working on bigger projects

Its very nice for a first project.

  1. Properly name it.

FCC Tribute Page: Freddie Mercury

The list needs to be responsive


  1. The background is too distracting, trying finding another, more patterned one.


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