Feedback on Browser DungeonCrawler game


I’m looking for feedback on this browser Dungeoncrawler game, made with React currently tested for Chrome/dragon/opera/firefox.

Just click on your avatar in firefox if you happen to deselect it.

Thanks in advance !

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I’m on FF Quantum (Win10). On my 4k screen, the stats at the top of the screen were off-screen and the game was unplayable. I moved the window to a different (1080p) screen, and the dungeon scrolled off the bottom, making it dangerous for me to move south without scrolling the health bars off the top. These UX/UI issues need to be fixed, but the core “game state loop” works fine.

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Thanks! I m limited to 2560 widescreen 21:9 for testing. I’ll look into upwards scaling => downscaling. and i’ll make that stat bar fixed (forgot that). Great comment.