Feedback on first Portfolio ;) Hey guys,ill like to see critiques and suggestions,thank you!

hey Joelveggie
your contact section need some bootstrap styles :slight_smile:

Hi Joel,

Firstly, I think the link you posted does not work. Is this the portfolio you’re asking about?

The first thing i’d suggest is that the black text is difficult to read on the dark background. Try a brighter color to contrast it with the dark background image.

Second, the contact section at the bottom could use some styling to make it look nicer.

On a positive note, I think the way you lay out the projects in the middle section is definitely a good start. It’s front and center and just asking for people to click on them.

Nice start!

It is a very nice page but just to say I couldn’t really see what you were writing because shades of black or dark colors don’t really blend well. You could edit the color or something but that’s your decision how you make it to look. It’s still very nice