My portfolio :-)

Hello my coder friends! :slight_smile: Hope you all enjoying your weekends
Here is my portfolio :
Any feedback appreciated.


That’s an awesome portfolio! I love that it’s shades of grey rather than just black and white, or full of super bright colors. Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Simple, clean…I really like the smooth scrolling through content and nav buttons. Good Job!!

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thank you my friends <3

Nice portfolio! I like the smooth scrolling and the scroll effects.

My suggestions:

  • Add a short biography about yourself.
  • Increase the font-size. I recommend a minimum of 18px for body text.
  • Maybe include one color into your color scheme that is not black, white, or grey.

Great work so far. Keep up the awesome work! :smile_cat:

Really nice portfolio!
I think you should fix the alignment of the “about me” button though, it’s not quite in the middle.
And maybe it could improve the look, it you would put some border around your contact form.
Other than that, it’s really quite nice looking. :+1:

sorry for long response been a while since I get my hands on freecodecamp but tnx for feedback I will restart my path