Feedback on markdown previewer please

Hi, this is my markdown preview challenge, I would like to get some feedback about the code

Markdown Previewer

I don’t think this is the way one should write React. Where did you learn that?

Hi, thanks for the answer.
I read the Docs on the React website
I think is not easy to know how to write React correctly (in a bit time), in freecodecamp there are not challenges to learn React, therefore you have to search in the web.

If you know about some website to learn React, I would like to know it.

Official docs is a good place to learn React, you just must follow examples in the docs. For example, you should update state on input field change (like in docs) and not on timer (like you did).

Anyway, here is the alpha of upcoming React challenges:

I have changed the code.

I had used the timer because I read the clock example, but now I see that onChange in input is better than timer because timer is getting the input text even if the text has not changed.

Thanks for the link, I will check it

Sorry for lenguage, I’m learning English but still is difficult make me understand.