Feedback on my example of portfolio webpage

Hi everyone!

Can I please have some feedback for the portfolio project!?

Portfolio Project

Thank you!


Very good job @RMdS-GitHub! I like it. But, some suggestions:

  • The links in the header is too big.
  • I expected a hover animation for the creations and social buttons
  • Use html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } for a smooth scrolling effect when you click on the links in the header.
  • Your project looks really horrible in mobile devices.
  • You don’t need the body tags and html tags in CodePen.
    Anyway, great job!
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Thank you!

I totally forget the hover animation… except for the NAV.
Thanks a lot for html { scrool-behaviour: smooth; } I didn’t knew it!

For the mobile I did the responsive part but using the same material and structure as for the desktop, laptop versions of it. I did for each device available on the responsive console of Firefox but yes clearly it can be a lot lot better.

Always forget about that in CodePen…

Thank’s a lot for your feedback!

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