Feedback on my Product Landing page please! :)

Please leave me any comments or feedback on my product landing page please :slight_smile:

I’ll come back to this Later today to do a full review: But I’ll say a few things first.

I see you were careful to chose a color Palette that works with the Visual Media, Which is Good.

There is a small gap above the nav bar:

Screenshot 2022-03-27 1.21.22 PM

Which can be fixed by adding:

margin: 0px Auto;

I’m not sure if this is the most effective way of solving this problem, though. There may be better ones.

Hey lawrence.
Do you still need suggestions, or are you happy with the project, and have turned it in?

Thanks Alless, I have enacted that suggestion!

You did and It worked. Good Job.
Three projects Complete, and Just two more to Go.

: )

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