Feedback on my Quote Generator :)

Finally finished my quote generator in between work and school. I would like some feedback.

Also, you can press the right arrow key to generate new quotes :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Looks great! Far better than mine (though I am planning on re-doing mine eventually, now that I know more).

Just a tip, though: you may want to look at your page from a mobile browser (or, if you use Chrome, select developer tools from the menu and click on the little phone icon in the top left corner of the tools menu); it looks like the website gets a little confused.



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I really like. It has good design. So I can focus on reading the deepest quotes. Well done!

Is the arrow supposed to shake? It’s eerie :cold_sweat:

Yes, it looks fun :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks great on a medium or large screen size but the smaller view gets a bit messy (as someone else mentioned). You could optimize it for small screens using CSS media queries. I especially love your choice of the topic for the random quotes–it’s fitting, and they’re all really funny.

It might be cool as well if the accompanying picture was randomized alongside the quote when you press the arrow, although it might also be pointless.