Give Me some feedback on my Quote Generator-- My life depends on it!

Here is the link to my project:

I got all of the quotes from Quincy Larson’s weekly emails. Good thing I had them or I’d still be searching for them.
Try clicking the different buttons on the top. I went a little wild with randomness by making random personalities, and excuses.

If you have any feedback, critisicms, or anything else, fell free to tell me.
All kinds of feedback will be highly appreciated.

That’s a bit too much movement to me, maybe consider also changing opacity so it fades out as well (especially the text)

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Okay, I’ll try to change that later today.

Just like @snigo pointed out, the animation is cool but honestly i wouldn’t like to be kept waiting due to the animation . I would suggest you animate on page load but avoid it when user is interacting with the page or use it minimally.

Okay. That’s a useful point there. I’ll get workin’ on it.

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@snigo and @nibble, I fixed it so that you will only have to wait a little under one second for the process to finish. Instead of using the jquery animate() function, I applied a css animation to the quote box each time it is clicked.