Random Quote Machine: Feedback pls

Hello campers,

Im done with my random quote machine for now! Here is the link:

Random Quote Machine

Pls check it out & give me feedback about it. It was very satisfying to be able to use the small amount of JavaScript knowledge that i have gained so far.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Works great! The background / color change is a little slow on first load, not sure if that’s because of the image, host, code or whatever, just an observation. I do think that the fixed header is a bit unnecessary and can take away from the quote, especially on mobile because I am forced to scroll down to click the quote button.

As I say with many Quote Generators, I think an array of homemade quotes is a good starting point, but I think you should re-work your code using an API (http://forismatic.com/en/api/). It helps with future projects, it’s good practice, and it gives you more quotes to work with.

Overall though, it’s beautiful! Love the colors and design

Thanks for your great feedback. Yes, the background takes time on the first load - but i also have no clue about the reason! I will definitely look into the fixed header.

Also, I have plans to come back to this project later to work with an API.

Thanks again :slight_smile: