Feedback on my Random Quote Machine

Here is my Random Quote Machine, feedback is greatly appreciated! I kept it deliberately simple - let me know if I could change it up in any way.

Hi Nimalen,

The machine works great. Good Job!
Although design can be improved, but as you mentioned you kept it simple deliberately so no worries.

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@N0M9D - Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I did keep it simple but Iā€™d love to hear your thoughts on how the design can be improved :slight_smile:

Hi @nimalen,

Here are few of my humble suggestions:slight_smile:, for the design you can try this:

  1. The color of the heading can be changed, as its currently blue on a yellow background which does not look that great.
  2. You can change the color of the quotes before the actual quote. It can be made darker.
  3. The tweet button can be aligned properly, right now its not aligned with anything and looks separated.
  4. Finally the whole layout can be better presented so that it looks like one. You can move the whole thing down with a bit of padding so that it looks aligned with the whole page.
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@N0M9D - Thanks a bunch for the feedback! I did incorporate your suggestions but still having trouble getting the background to stretch at the bottom (the footer part) on a mobile device. Any suggestions? Now I know I need to work on my design game :sweat_smile:

@nimalen wlecome bro.

You have given your footer element a margin from top so its causing the background to be cut-off. Remove margin-top from footer and give padding to the elements inside the footer.


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