Can anybody please review my random quote machine

Here is my Random Quote Machine: -

Quote Machine

any feedback good or bad would be great thank you :slight_smile:

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Great job, looks nice. Doesn’t quite work well with a mobile-size browser window though, you may want to re-plan your use of the Bootstrap grid…

Also, you should avoid trying to style the HTML tag as it’s invisible.

Thank you. Any chance of a screen shot from your mobile for reference please.

You should also be able to see this for yourself as you dynamically resize the window on your Web browser. A width of 320 is still fairly common among mobile devices, so it’s one that you should definitely test with.

When you press “tweet”, you get your codepen’s url in your tweet.

Thank you for your feedback, that was by design. Do you think it is a bad idea?

Made some changes should now look fine even at 320 widths.

The fonts seem too large to me. They also distract from the quotes themselves in my opinion. The change from one quote to the next feels abrupt, perhaps an animation could help smooth the transition? The Youtube channel DevTips has a series on CSS animations that I found very useful, if you’re into the design side of web development.

The background picture starts repeating itself, which doesn’t look very good. And when there’s a longer quote the background sort of zooms in which is distracting. The similarity of all the font sizes is a bit of a lots opportunity, headings are larger than body text for a good reason.

For the background picture I would consider an image that has interesting things going on at the sides. With this image I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Seems like a bridge of some sort. But what’s that got to do with a quote machine? Personally I had a typewriter in the image I used and one camper made his quote machine look like an actual machine that spewed out paper quotes.

Thanks dude, I agree with most of your points to be fair and I did wonder if anybody else would.
Great feedback

What’s not to like? Great quotes and presentation. Thanks for teaching Bootstrap in greater depth. :+1:

Overall I like it, take the other reviews into consideration, I think it is aesthetically pleasing, minor changes but looks very nice.