My 3rd project Random Quote Machine

Hi guys, i just finished my random quote machine, feedback is welcome. Have a good day!

My feedback :sunglasses:

  1. If the screen width is more than 1600px background image doesn’t fill the whole screen.

  2. Dark text is hard to read on that background (this may be individual, but I would prefer something lighter e.g. #eeeeff).

  3. If quote has ; and you want to tweet it it gets cut at ; (it’s a :bug: ).

  4. On a smartphone in portrait mode the background image doesn’t fill the whole screen and buttons are hard to click (too small), and the font of the quotes randomly changes.

Nice job. Keep coding.

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Thank you! I make a hotfix can you check again? By the way do you know any free website or tools to check on how website looks on different screen size? it looks ok on my pc though.