Random Quote Machine - need your critical view!

Dear Friends,

Could you criticize my quote machine?

There are no fancy things, just plain html, css/bootstrap and jQuery.

Thank you!

Hey @psitronic!

Works v. nicely. Although I don’t want to comment on stylistic chocies re: colours, I think if you settled on one or two fonts it’d be better - it feels distracting!

Congrats on making your first step!

Thank you! Yes, you are right the design is not my favorite thing. ) I changed to two fonts now.

Don’t worry- I too am not good with it, I usually keep my sites black and white haha!

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Well done :slight_smile:

I would change the author’s name to the end and the font size on mobile devices so it doesn’t break the name and its surrounding dashes into two lines. Other than that, I like it.

It makes sense. I will try to do it. Thank you!