[Project Feedback Request] Random Quote Machine

Some people like what you do, some people hate what you do, but most people simply don’t give a damn.
–Charles Bukowski

I hope you’re one of the people who likes what I’ve done.

Project Link - https://codepen.io/petersim_nz/full/Mrmjvz/

Whether you like it or hate it, I’d appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

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Web design has a bad reputation for being stylistically trendy and same-looking. Some guy does a parallax scrolling site, and now your boss wants you to add that to your corporate PR website for some reason. Glossy buttons, Gaussian Noise, linen texture, new things that look fake-old, then back to minimalism and flat colors as a reaction to the glossy noisy textured fake-old stuff.
Jonas Downey

^copied from your project
very well done - looks great
i really like the features you added - the too long to tweet and the ability to copy - very nice
the yellow " at the top can make it tougher to read the quote some times - when you shrink the window those get a little out of whack as well

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Thank you, @moT01

I appreciate your thoughts. Certainly, one of the things I need to improve on is responsive websites and writing media queries.

I don’t like the yellow quotations behind the wording.

Buttons are a little to boring. Immediatly looks like bootstrap.

Overall: different. Not what I would do, but you used your creativity and its unique. Well done.

As a bonus, try centering the quote panel in the middle vertically. Can be challenging, see if you can do it.

Formatted nicely. I like it when people make sure it looks nice in codepen.

document.ready is well laid out. Simple and a quick helpful comment in case any confusion

good comment about p tags

not sure what the unicode things all are around line 20. Can you explain more about that?

Overall: understandable. Good job!

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Thank you @IsaacAbrahamson

Yours is a great critique and has given me some things to work on. :+1:

As I’m fairly new here, what do you mean by “Tag me if you need a front-end project critiqued”? How do you “tag” someone?

Thanks again.

One more thing, you might actually want to put your click event handlers in the document ready. You can research that a little bit if you want.

Thanks, glad I was helpful!

Like you just did. Putting a @ followed by a username. On most forums referred to as tagging or mentioning.

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Very nice! I really like how you implemented the “copy” button.

One suggestion: for your buttons, in the CSS, add cursor: pointer; I think it would top it off!

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Thanks heaps. I’ve added that functionality.

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