Feedback on my Zelda Tribute Project would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, all.

I finished my first ever project (for now), and would love to get some feedback.
Any comments, suggestions, or critiques would be awesome!

Tribute Project Link -

I initially wanted a fixed header, but I was having a lot of trouble getting the way I wanted, so I decided to simplify things and will later go back and update my project after my skills improve. I had a few comments on a previous help topic that were wonderful and informative, but I still decided to go a simpler route for now.

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A quick note from me would be fixing the list-style on your ul section to list-style: none to get rid of the dots on the side.

Apart from that, great job I love it :slight_smile: Very themed and stylish.

Thank you! That certainly does look much better. I wasn’t sure how to get rid of those and then spaced it. XD
Much appreciated~

Hey. Looks much better. Can’t say much 'cause I’m on mobile but the responsiveness sure seems improved.

Nice job.

Also, I really appreciated your suggestions and help on my other topic. Even though I didn’t manage to keep the fixed header, your post still did help me with this version. Thank you again~

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