Tribute page project - I'll appreciate your feedback

Hi everyone,

So here’s my tribute page project:

I have done it trying to practice and learn the content that has been presented, while also managing my time to be able to advance as soon as I could, so I’ve aimed for good enough, not perfect on this one. (The next one, personal portfolio I’ll aim for a better final result).

Please be honest, I’ll appreciate any feedback.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi j.poiatti,

Good Job!!

Although you can definitely improve upon the layout and the fonts a bit. The heading fonts can be a bit bolder. And the design can be improved as currently the list uses the default html bullets and is way too long as compared to the other columns.
But as you mention that you sped up on this project so you have applied the concepts here well, now just need to work on design.

Keep moving forward!!


Hi Kush,

I completely agree with you, thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll keep in mind what you’ve pointed to apply in the next projects.

Best regards,

Cheers !!