Updated Tribute page: Feedback welcome


I just finished reworking on my Tribute page project with the newly updated tutorials. I just wanted to complete the user stories requirements, while I get more familiar/comfortable with what I am learning. I appreciate your feedback.

Happy coding!

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Well it does fulfill the requirements, nothing to add about that, but it lacks on the design side. If you want some ideas on styling, look at other people’s tribute pages that you like, see what styles they added and try to replicate them.

I say this is very good, this is true it comes with minimal styling, but the layout is working and great.

You may add a little more line-height, some some space between each list element.

Fact: you should not be god at designing to call you a good programmer, no. many devs(including me) have zero talend of creativity and design stuffs, you could be one. You done the layout well, and that’s good.

Very good, keep going on great work. happy programming.