Feedback on portfolio please :)

Hey everyone,

I just have my portfolio page up and running.
All feedback welcome:
source code here:

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Really great! Impressive work all around. I’ve been wanting to do some online data science classes, particularly through Udacity. :thumbsup:

Dope portfolio!


  • Try keeping the portfolio items to a 3 column-layout. The 3-2 stack would balance nicely instead of a 4-1 stack.

  • The text on the header is kind of hard to read. You could try adding a transparent black background to the text, or some other alternative.

  • The contact buttons might look nicer if there were spaced out just a tad bit.

  • The mobile nav doesn’t fold out under the fixed area. Not sure if this is intentional or not.

  • Centering the headings for the portfolio might make things look more organized.

  • A profile picture would be great!

Everything seems to work and the changes I suggested are mainly focused on stylistic choices. So yeah, awesome job! I look forward to seeing more! :smile_cat:

Thanks for the valuable feedback. What do you mean with this point? The current behaviour is that the nav bar links are hidden and a button appears on the right of the nav bar. Once you press the button the links appear. After you select a link the nav bar collapses again. This is as intended. Are you referring to this or something else?

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See how my mobile navbar collapses under the fixed bar?

Check it out now. Was that what you meant?

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Yup! Perfect! :smile_cat: